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It’s Official—I’m a Mac!

posted in Technology on Tuesday, May 25, 2010

After being a PC user for years, I had a jealous fit when my sister kept showing off her glossy new iMac and all its fancy apps whenever I was over. Was Mac really better? There was only one way to find out. BUY ONE! So I did.

And this, fellow readers, is what happens when you switch from a PC to a Mac for the first time:

After owning my iMac for some time now, I thought I’d share my personal experience thus far.

What I love

Photo Booth
See above video. Self-explanatory!

Less wires
This was a the selling point for me. I HATED all the clutter of wires on my PC. I can now move my Mac wherever I want because it only has a single power cord. That’s it!

Less prone to malware
Simply put, Macs aren’t widely-owned. Less worrying about viruses.

Access to great quality software that is only available for Mac like Coda and CSSEdit is definitely a plus.

Easy customization
There’s an app for everything. Really.

Software installation
Installing software is SO much easier and faster on a Mac. So is uninstalling—just drag in the Trash.

Eye Candy, Eye Candy and more Eye Candy
There’s no denying that Mac takes the cake in design for both hardware and software. My iMac is so friggin gorgeous I want to make love to it.

Quality hardware
I don’t know much about the materials it’s made with, but it feels hella sturdy and weighs more than me.

No blue screen of death
It’s nice to not fear that your computer is going to die at any given time as it eventually happened with my PC. This baby has been running very smoothly. It is still pretty new so time will tell on this one.

Exposé & Spaces
Ok, this is pretty genius. Exposé shows all open and unhidden windows and Spaces lets you group your application windows easily switch between them. More screen real-estate!

What I don’t love

Finder windows
They frustrate me. I found it much easier to navigate and switch between files and folders on a PC. I can’t even rename or copy/paste a file during a “Save As” prompt.

Hardware upgrading
Doable, but a pain in the arse if it’s more than RAM you’re wanting to upgrade. This fellow shows you how to upgrade the hard drive on an iMac. Suction cups? Kind of scary if you ask me.

Burning eyes
My eyes BURN from the delicious monitor brightness if I’ve been in front of the computer for a while. I have to turn the brightness waaaay down, but where’s the fun in that?

Magic Mouse
Sure it’s wireless and that’s dandy, but it eats up AA batteries like nobody’s business. I have to replace mine every month! The mouse also feels clunky and heavy. I’m still trying to find an adequate mouse pad for it since the poorly designed bottom only slides on certain surfaces. I’m currently using a notepad.

Purchasing an iMac

I was going to list “Cost” as one of the “Don’t love” items, but I’ve spent so much more money upgrading my PC and replacing fried hard drives that I really feel the price of a Mac is worth it. Still, I could not bear to pay the full retail price tag at Apple. I was able to get my iMac at a very reasonable price with already upgraded RAM and hard drive from custommacsales eBay seller. The cashback saved me an additional and approximate $100 off the price. Everything came in the original packaging and customer service was flawless. Update: Bing has just announced that their cashback program will be discontinued. The last day to earn cash back on your Bing Shopping purchases will be July 30, 2010.

Still Need Windows

As much as I love my new Mac, access to a Windows operating system is still essential in my area of work. To solve this I’ve installed VMware Fusion which lets me run a virtual copy of the Windows OS directly on my Mac so that I can fully test my sites in Internet Explorer.

Bottom line: once you go Mac you never go back.

What do you love or not love about your Mac? Share below!

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  • Dania says:

    Another convert, bwahahaha! lol. Love the video and I definitely have to agree with everything you’ve mentioned. I will never go back to PC unless Apple screws up big time >.>’

  • Caine says:


  • Anna Panova says:

    Hi Rosa,

    I love the vid, it was so much fun! I have been also thinking and thinking and thinking about switching to Mac…we will see :)

    • RosaCreative says:

      Thanks Anna! Do it! You won’t regret it. There’s a bit of a learning curve but it’s worth it.

  • Beatriz Kudaka says:

    Hola Rosa:

    I was talking to Samantha about getting a MacBook; and she gave me your link because you bought a Mac. Pretty nice video. I haven’t bought yet, but I am really thinking. Like you said, with all the money spend on a PC might as well get a Mac and no headaches for a long long time.

    How are you? Hope everything is OK with you.


    • RosaCreative says:

      Nice to hear from you Beatriz. I’m doing great. Highly recommend the Mac :) Will take a while to get use to if it’s your first one.

  • Jesse R. says:

    If you haven’t figured it out, Macs allow right clicking. Even your Apple mouse should be able to differentiate between your left and right clicks (even though its just one giant button). You just have to turn it on under the mouse section of your system settings.

    You should get yourself a wired mouse. Any mouse should work. If your iMac is anything like the ones at my job, your keyboard should have USB ports on the back-underside of it.

    As a current Mac owner and IT guy, I’d really only recommend it to artsy folk and the computer illiterate. It’s harder to get “under the hood,” which makes it more secure but also harder to tinker with. They’re also really expensive, like twice the price of a comparable Windows computer.

    • RosaCreative says:

      Thanks for the feedback Jesse. Setting the “right-click” on my mouse is one of the first things I did, but I still dislike the Magic Mouse. I think it can be improved.

      My iMac keyboard doesn’t have USB ports. It’s tiny and compact and wireless. Took some getting used to as well.

      Computer illiterate? Hmmm…I feel like a lot of things on the Mac operating system weren’t intuitive enough even for someone more tech-savvy. Maybe that’s just years of working on a PC? Old habits die hard.

      The built-in software is definitely simple to use and geared towards those who are less tech-savvy.

    • J. says:

      I would recommend a mac for just about anyone, even the NON artsy folks. I ended up becoming the family and friend IT guy, and I’m always busy reformatting or removing windows in favor of linux. I really can’t think of anything being done on a work PC that can’t be done on a mac (PC only software’s the only issue) From spreadsheets to web design, I get it all done on my macbook! :)

  • Brent says:

    Rosa, I love your wit and humor. I am glad you have come over to “the dark side” as I refer to it to my PC friends and family. They get so frustrated every time they ask my expertise on a PC problem and my answer is always, “Get a mac.”

    I agree with all of your plus points about macs, will agree with the burning eyes and I would even throw in cost as well. It costs to have the best.

    Great site!

    • Rosa says:

      Thank you Brent. :) The “dark side” is awesome. Glad you enjoyed the post.

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