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posted in Life on Sunday, Jul 10, 2011

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. It is time. Today is packing day! I am venturing out with my favorite travel buddy once again, Aileen, on a 10 day trip to Italy.

Tuesday we board our flight.

I will try to post updates from Italy whenever we get some wi-fi. Check back for photo updates!

This shall be a trip to remember!

Italy 2011 Frommers Book

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  • Gabriele Maidecchi says:

    Ah you’ll like it here in Italy I am sure, where do you plan on going? That picture in the book looks much like Tuscany but I might be wrong. Well have fun! :)

    • Rosa says:

      Hey Gabriele,
      Just got back from Italy! I had an amazing time. What a beautiful country. I will write a post with pictures on the landmarks we visited. We did drive through Tuscany and stopped for pics :)

  • Gabriele Maidecchi says:

    Ops I missed your reply! Hah glad you liked it, will stay tuned for pics :)

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